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Popular Elephant in a Box Sofa Configurations

At Elephant in a Box, we offer a wide range of configurations to help you design and create the perfect sofas and sectionals for your home. With so many different options to choose from, we wanted to share some of our more popular configurations with you.

#1: Dynamic Sofa

This is our signature sofa that became extremely popular due to its lightweight and ease of setup. The sofa is ideal in smaller rooms and can accommodate two to three people.

#2: Long Sofa

This sofa includes a one-seat extension and a dynamic sofa. The one-seat extension goes on either side of the dynamic sofa to provide more seating.

#3: Extra-Long Sofa

If you want an even bigger sofa, you could use two of our dynamic sofas and attach them together to create an extra-long song perfect for stretching out on.

#4: Working Sofa

Our working sofa configuration is similar to our dynamic sofa, except one of the ends has a desk hidden inside the armrest. This configuration is perfect for efficiency apartments, dorm rooms, and other rooms with limited space.

#5: Small L Sectional Sofa

This configuration uses one dynamic sofa, one corner extension, and a one-seat extension.

#6: Large L Sectional Sofa

This configuration requires two dynamic sofas and one corner extension.

#7: Small U Sectional Sofa

You will need four corner extensions and a one-seat extension for our small U sectional sofa configuration.

#8: Large U Sectional Sofa

To create a large U sectional sofa, you will need three dynamic sofas and two corner extensions.

#9: Personal Chaise

Our personal chaise includes our club seat and an ottoman to create this configuration.

#10: Small Chaise-ish

To create this configuration, you need one of our dynamic sofas and an ottoman.

#11: Long Chaise-ish

This is another variation of our long sofa that requires an ottoman for one end of the sofa to create the chaise.

#12: Extra-Long Chaise-ish

Add a chaise to each end of an extra-long sofa configuration by adding two ottomans.

#13: Small Lounge Sofa

Convert a dynamic sofa into a small chaise lounge by adding on two ottomans.

#14: Large Lounge Sofa

You can create an oversized chaise lounge with a large sofa and three ottomans.

#15: Extra-Long Lounge Sofa

Simply add four ottomans to an extra-long sofa configuration.

As you can see, the possibilities of configurations are numerous thanks to the flexibility of our sofa designs. For many of our popular configurations, you can switch out one of the armrests for the armrest with a hidden desk to use as a workspace.

If you already have an Elephant in a Box sofa, you can modify it at any time since we off 10% off add-ons for life!

To learn more about our sofa configurations, as well as customization options, please feel free to explore our sofas online at Elephant in a Box or contact us at (315) 757-4468 today! We offer a free 30-day trial with our sofas so you can buy with complete confidence risk-free!

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