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How to Set Up Your New Elephant in a Box EZBed

Did you know that Elephant in a Box offers the same strong Elephant Core in our EZBed base? It is just as easy to set up as our Elephant in a Box sofas and does not require any tools.


Step 1: Open the Box

Open the box and carefully remove all the pieces found inside. It is recommended to sort them by the various components. There will be two foldable pads, two blue wooden beams, two wooden plates, two black wooden beams with Velcro, two Elephant Cores, and the cover.

If you are missing any of these components, contact Elephant in a Box support.


Step 2: Assemble the Elephant Core

Place the two Elephant Cores on the floor. Align the two pieces, so the black piece on the ends are facing each other. Next, insert the two wooden plates inside one end into the two grooves in the honeycomb. The pieces will only slide in halfway.

Now, carefully align the second Elephant Core with the first one and slide the wooden plates inside the other side until they are securely together.


Step 3: Unfold the Blue and Black Beams

Unfold the two blue and two black beams by sliding the metal connector towards the round washer. Place one blue and one black beam on each side of the Elephant Core base.


Step 4: Expand the Bed Base

The EZBed base is made of collapsible honeycomb using the latest technologies. Our lightweight honeycomb is designed to withstand more than 3,000 pounds after the base is set up. You want to fully expand the honeycomb by pulling outwards in a straight line.


Step 5: Insert the Beams

Install the blue beams in the top connectors to the side blue connectors from the top down. Carefully push down on the beams to ensure they are fixed in place. Next, insert the black beams into the bottom of the honeycomb. Make sure the Velcro is facing down.


Step 6: Install the Foldable Pads

Lay down one of the foldable pads and unfold it. Align the pad with the top, bottom, and side of the bed base. Repeat the same process for the second foldable pad.


Step 7: Install the Cover

Remove the plastic from the cover. Lay the cover on the base and unfold it. Adjust the cover as needed, so the top and bottom are in the right position. Secure the cover to the honeycomb Elephant Core by pulling it tight and attaching it to the Velcro on the bottom of the base.


Step 8: Put Your Mattress on the Bed Base

Carefully move the bed base to the location where you want it in the bedroom. Once it is where you want it, place the mattress on top. Lastly, make your bed.

If you also purchased the optional headboard, you would secure that to the wall before moving the bed base into its desired location.

To learn more about our easy-to-setup bed base and other products, please feel free to explore our furniture products online at Elephant in a Box or contact us at (315) 757-4668 today!

We offer a free 30-day trial so, you can buy with complete confidence risk-free!

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