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How to Make Your Small House Seem Bigger

When you have a small house with limited space, it can seem challenging to make it look bigger. You can do several practical things to make your small space feel more open and inviting by using these get interior design tips.

Tip #1: Declutter your home.

The first step to opening up space in the rooms in your small house is to get rid of clutter. You want to take the minimalist approach and remove anything you do not need, use, or want. For example, you would want to eliminate big, bulky furniture pieces with a smaller sofa or club seat from Elephant in a Box.

Tip #2: Create a natural illusion using mirrors in different sizes and shapes.

You can trick your mind into thinking the rooms in your home are massive by using an assortment of mirrors that vary in size and shape. As an added bonus, mirrors help increase the amount of natural light in the room.

Tip #3: Use light or dark paint colors.

You should paint the walls either a light color or a dark color. You should avoid medium paint colors because they will make the room feel more crowded. When deciding on a paint color, use your furniture pieces and other design elements for reference. For instance, if your furniture pieces are all light-colored, then paint the walls a dark color.

Tip #4: Hang long vertical curtains from just below the ceiling.

Instead of hanging curtains from just above the window, hang them just below the ceiling. You will need to measure to ensure you get curtains long enough to reach the floor. By hanging your curtains in this manner, it will make your ceilings seem taller and the room bigger.

Tip #5: Create a focal point with statement pieces.

Statement pieces are unique pieces of furniture that draw people’s attention. Make sure to limit statement pieces to one per room. You can also use statement pieces as a starting point for deciding the color scheme and décor for the room.

Tip #6: Increase storage with multifunctional furniture.

Some furniture pieces will have storage spaces, like drawers in a coffee table or shelving under a TV stand. Tap into these spaces for storing away items you do not use that often. You can easily hide things away from view by using decorative storage cubes.

Tip #7: Invest in adjustable furniture pieces.

There are several different types of furniture pieces that can be adjusted in size to accommodate limited space to maintain the openness of the rooms in your small house. For example, you can Elephant in a Box sofa to fit space and size requirements. In fact, our dynamic sofa can easily be converted into a club seat when you have even less space.

Using these tips is perfect for making your small home seem much bigger. For further information about our customizable sofas and other furniture products, please feel free to explore our products online at Elephant in a Box or contact us at (315) 757-4668 today!

We offer a free 30-day trial so, you can buy with complete confidence risk-free!

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