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Expanding your sofa set up as your family grows

The sofa is the heart of every living room. It is where you curl in to relax, watch TV, and spend quality time with your friends and family. So, aside from selecting the right wall paint and decor, you also need to get a couch that is practical and fits well with the design of your living space. In this blog, we will look at how you can start building and growing a sofa of your own.

Everything begins with one sofa piece

Whether it is an old couch you inherited from your grandfather or a brand new one, your first piece sets the tone for the entire living room. So, imagine your first sofa and think about the following details:

  • How many children or pets do you see yourself having?
  • What types of parties do you picture yourself throwing, and how many guests do you see sleeping on the sofa?

Or perhaps you could only see yourself and your significant other sitting on the couch, watching your favourite movie with a bag of popcorn placed in the middle?

What kind of couch do you imagine in all those cases? A single loveseat? Or a more cozy 3-seater sofa? Whatever you think is ideal for you, the important thing is to ensure that it’s comfortable and adaptable to your living space.

Now it becomes two or more

So, it’s been many years since you got your first couch, and you are now planning to move to a bigger place. Perhaps you have gotten married or even started having your own children. Or maybe you are still single but just want to upgrade your home. Whatever the reason, your old sofa is no longer appropriate for your new living room.  

This would be the right time to:

1) Plan and rearrange your new living space. You need to find out how much space the new room has. This will give you an idea of how many sofa pieces it can accommodate and what parts they should be.

2) Examine your sofa. Is it still in one piece? Does it need little repairs here and there, or do you have to purchase a brand new one? This will let you know if your old couch should be included in your new living room plan.

3) See your sofa as part of a set that you are growing. To make your planning easier, below is a breakdown of what sofas are basically are as individual components:

  • Chair or single-seater section
  • Loveseat or 2-seater sofa/2-seater components
  • 3-seater sofa or 3-seater section
  • Chaise lounge or chaise sections
  • And Ottomans/pouffe/footstools

As with your first piece, the key is to put the components together in a way that will be suitable for your lounging needs. When you have a picture of what you want, you can then proceed to the main details of what your couch will eventually look like. 

How to make it work

Each component of your sofa must fit well with one another, so it is left to you to make everything appear and feel like a full set. Here are some tips to ensure you get the perfect set:

1) Select from a modular series: These types of sofa come with individual components that you can easily combine to form a large or small sofa set based on your preference. Choosing from a modular series will eliminate all the additional work needed to make the sofa components look perfect together.

2) Combine and put matching sofa pieces together: In case you don’t know your sofa model or could not see others that look like it, know that it’s completely okay not to have matching sofa components. You can always look for other sofa pieces that go well together in terms of style and comfort. If the set still does feel right, you may want to wrap them in slipcovers so that they all have the same colour and texture.

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