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9 Tips for Decorating a University Dorm Room

Living in a dorm room at university offers the opportunity to design and decorate the room to your tastes and sense of style. While you can be limited on certain aspects, like not being able to paint the walls or replace the flooring, there are plenty of other things you can do to transform this space into a functional living area and sleep space.

1. Add a splash of color.

Brighten up your dorm room by choosing rugs, curtains, blinds, bedding, and towels in your favorite colors. You could even liven up the walls with removable vinyl wallpaper.

2. Elevate the bed.

Create more living space by elevating the bed off the floor. The space underneath is perfect for a couch to relax on and binge-watch your favorite programs.

3. Add some decorative lighting.

Holiday lights in different colors can make your dorm room feel cozier and inviting. Plus, you gain the flexibility of being able to have lower light levels when you want to relax, watch a movie, or enjoy a book.

4. Add some storage.

Floating bookshelves, clear storage bins, drawer dividers, and over-the-door storage racks are great ways to increase your storage space and keep your dorm room organized.

5. Add some wall art.

Wall art is another great option for adding some color to the plain, boring walls. Pictures, posters, and murals are just some of the endless options.

6. Elevate your TV.

To free up space on your desk, mount your TV to the wall. You will appreciate the extra desk space for studying.

7. Add some mirrors.

A few mirrors of different sizes and shapes can make your dorm room seem bigger. Not to mention, mirrors will brighten up the room by reflecting more natural light.

8. Get some indoor plants.

A little bit of greenery from the outdoors will add a bit of the outdoors to your dorm room. You will appreciate the plants when you are studying and working on assignments and cannot get outside.

9. Hang up your clothes.

Dressers take up a lot of room and closet space may be little to non-existent in your dorm room. A great solution is to get a shower rod you can secure to the wall and use this to hang up your clothes.

We hope our tips inspire you to liven up your dorm room and put your own influences on your living and sleeping space. If you have a roommate, make sure to get them involved in creating a colorful and enjoyable living area you both will like.

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