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7 Hacks for Redesigning Your Kids’ Bedrooms

As your kids go from being toddlers to children to tweens and teens, there will be times when you and your kids will want to redesign their bedrooms. Not to mention your children’s tastes and preferences will change too.

Hack #1: Don’t Renovate – Update

If you can avoid a full bedroom renovation the better. Simple things like painting the walls a new color or changing out the light fixtures can give the bedroom a new look and feel that fits better with your child’s current preferences.

You can also paint dressers and furniture in new colors rather than replacing them. To give the floor a new look a feel, rather than replacing carpeting, get a large floor rug in a design your child likes.

Hack #2: Add a Few Furniture Pieces

A small sofa and ottoman are great addictions for tweens and teens. It gives them added space to hang out with friends and gives their room a more adult look and feel.

Hack #3: Adjust Storage Needs

Your children will go through different periods where their storage needs will change. Young children will need plenty of storage for toys, games, and clothes. Tweens and teens will have different storage needs.

There are several hacks you can use, such as installing shelving on the walls, closet storage bins, and so on. Ideally, look for storage solutions that free up floor space, like under-bed drawers or a footstool with interior storage.

Hack #4: Keep Things Within Reach

You want to make sure the things your kids need are easily accessible. For example, lower clothes hangers and shelves in closets for younger children to be able to access clothing, toys, games, etc.

Hack #5: Choose Furniture that Can Be Altered as Your Child Grows

There are furniture pieces that can be altered to better fit your child’s needs. For instance, some beds can be placed low on the floor for younger kids. When they get older, the bed can be flipped over and elevated to create space underneath for a desk, small sofa, etc.

Hack #6: Install Cabinets for Added Storage

Cabinets are a great solution for additional storage. They can also be used for clothing, toys, games, books, and other such things in place of dressers.

Hack #7: Tap into Your Child’s Creativity

Your child will have their own ideas about how they want their bedroom to look. Allow them to have input and be involved with any updates or changes to their bedroom. Otherwise, if you exclude them, they may not be happy with the changes.

We hope these hacks for redesigning your children’s bedrooms give you and your children inspiration. To find a comfortable small sofa with multipurpose upgrades, which is also easy to set up and stylish, please feel free to explore our furniture products online at Elephantinabox.com

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